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From the time we first found out we were pregnant; I knew I wanted to be more intentional with everything than I had even been with my prior pregnancies – I had unlearned & learned a lot over the years and had a mental list of sorts of things I wanted to incorporate and also things I didn’t plan to repeat this time.

This time, we planned for a natural, unmedicated birth with a midwife this time. And this was my first pregnancy where I had oils I could reach for- how I wished I had them before!

I started by reading all the books. This one changed my perspective coming from a previous c-section and medicated vbac. And this one walked week by week through pregnancy with a natural & holistic approach. And this one helped me to navigate things I could reach for – from queasiness to slow digestion discomforts to puffy ankles – you name it. Each one I bookmarked + dog-eared and still refer to over and over.

Another one I’d add in for preparing for postpartum is this one – a refreshing and comforting approach to nourishing the body for optimal healing & good milk supply. With family & friends at a distance, this helped me soo much as I prepared some things to tuck in the freezer for those first three weeks postpartum. I’ll do a separate post on my postpartum faves.

I’m pretty minimal when I comes to maternity clothes – I literally lived in these leggings & bike shorts with these comfy t-shirts 90% of the time. Otherwise I was in a flowy maxi dress.

I get the most questions when it comes to oils during pregnancy since there’s a lot of mixed information online. Pregnancy is a time when so many things are off the table.. but know that you can use oils!! These were my besties – I’ll break it down by trimester and list out my roller blends for my labor too.

Here’s a quick breakdown on some of my favorites that I leaned into alot. Remember, I’m a mom, not a doctor. These are what I have used. It’s YOUR pregnancy & your baby. Do your research and decide what’s best for you!

  • PEPPERMINT & AROMA EASE – queasiness always struck in the afternoons for me.. I’d munch on crackers and inhale one of these straight out of the bottle.
  • ENDOFLEX – rolled over my thyroid or low back/adrenals for endocrine support. Helps with mood, energy, metabolism and more.
  • STRESS AWAY & VALOR – for all the feels! Besides all the hormones making us feel things x1000.. For me, pregnancy after loss has came with alot more worry and that anxiousness that can creep in out of nowhere – emotional support in my back pocket to help me feel anchored, calm & balanced.
  • LIME & BERGAMOT – all the lime for those days I wanted to stay cozy in bed. First trimester fatigue is real. Lime is not only tied to feelings of motivation, but also is happy & uplifting. Pop these in the diffuser with a drop or two of peppermint and you’re good to go for a mood & energy boost.
  • DEEP RELIEF & PANAWAY – All the relaxin hormone your body starts producing in the first tri can leave your back & hips feeling sore.
  • SUPER B – B vitamins are critical for the nervous system! I love that these are a methylated version of B6, B7, B9 (folate) & B12⠀
  • SULFURZYME – the key ingredient is MSM! Sulfurzyme supports the body’s production of glutathione – your body’s master antioxidant.
  • ESSENTIALZYMES + LIFE 9 – Our digestive system slows down to absorb as much nutritionally as it can while pregnant – I added Essentialzymes into my two largest meals a day, and I take Life 9 at bedtime for gut health (and to help keep things moving 😉).
  • NINGXIA RED – antioxidant support for every single body system and soo important for the placenta which delivers oxygen & nutrients to that growing baby. 😍 I definitely doubled the 2oz rec since blood volume also increases starting in the first trimester too.

Did you know there’s an avg of over 250 chemicals found in baby’s cord blood?! What we consume, apply & expose ourselves to is soo important. Plus, taking a natural approach to pregnancy can ripple into soo many other areas of life.
So here’s a few of my second tri favorites:

  • STRESS AWAY, VALOR + PEACE & CALMING to keep stress levels and occasional anxiousness in check – pregnancy after a two miscarriages is no joke. In the diffuser and/or on my wrists, forearms, neck at all times.
  • FRANKINCENSE & IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE – a drop on top of my head early in the morning to cut down on the brain-fog feeling.
  • NINGXIA RED- so sooo good for every single body system and for that placenta + growing baby! Antioxidant powerhouse!!
  • SULFURZYME – amazing for hair, skin & lashes and supports the body’s production of glutathione!
  • I’m always curious about the old wives tale of heartburn & baby’s hair growth.. but I know that ALKALIME has been a game-changer for me.
  • DEEP RELIEF on my low back & hips, especially the past few weeks!
  • CYPRESS + TANGERINE with a little coconut oil when my ankles are on the verge of disappearing if I’ve been running errands all day.
  • SUPER CAL PLUS because calcium + magnesium does a body and baby GOOD. I also take extra magnesium before bed for my legs at night.
  • ESSENTIALZYMES with lunch & dinner and Life 9 at bedtime.
  • SUPER B for energy!! If I’m feeling sluggish, it’s generally because I forgot to take this! A good, easily absorbable B complex is a must!⠀⠀
  • COCONUT LIME BODY BUTTER has been my belly butter & body lotion. (adding a note – not one single stretch mark with this pregnancy!)
  • DREAM CATCHER & VALOR at bedtime for more restful sleep and to help with those next level crazy dreams you get when you’re pregnant.

THIRD TRIMESTER FAVES – I used these right up until my water broke.⠀⠀

  • NINGXIA RED- I upped it to about 4oz daily. So good for every single body system and for the placenta + growing baby! Antioxidant powerhouse!!
  • ESSENTIALZYMES + ALKALIME to help with digestion which can be slower during pregnancy + the fiery feeling after meals.
  • SUPER CAL PLUS for calcium + magnesium (and extra magnesium before bed for my legs at night).
  • SUPER B for energy!! Those methylated B’s make a world of difference!
  • SULFURZYME for hair, skin & lashes and supports the body’s production of glutathione- your body’s master antioxidant!⠀⠀
  • Added in extra SUPER C per my midwifes rec to help maintain the bag of waters.
  • All the STRESS AWAY, VALOR + PEACE & CALMING throughout this pregnancy for stress levels + occasional anxiousness – pregnancy after two miscarriages struck a whole new stress level. In the diffuser and/or on my wrists, forearms, neck at all times.
  • WHITE ANGELICA is one I started wearing again before going out in public after a couple I’m sure well-intentioned comments left me feeling off longer than they should have. I lovvvve this protective blend when my heart is feeling more sensitive.
  • I found myself using the CBD MUSCLE RUB more for my low back & hips.⠀
  • No stretch marks this pregnancy! I used the COCONUT LIME BODY BUTTER as a belly butter from the second trimester on, helped with itchiness/dry skin that can come from stretching too.
  • TRANQUIL ROLL-ON, CBD CALM & VALOR on rotation for more restful sleep, especially those last couple weeks!

In a 10ml roller (or dropper bottle):
5 Clary Sage
5 Ylang Ylang
4 Helichrysum
4 Fennel
2 Peppermint
Top with carrier – or add 1/2oz carrier if using a larger dropper.

Once my water broke and contractions kicked this helped to encourage things along. Roll + massage a few drops along the inside of ankles, little toes, lower abdomen and back. We were holding Marin 4 hours later!!

I also had Valor on my neck & the diffuser filled with Surrender + Lavender + Tangerine.
In a 10ml roller:
10 Geranium
10 Lavender
15 Jasmine
Top with carrier oil. This blend is to support your body as you deliver the placenta + those after birth contractions to help tone the uterus. I used this allll the time the first week postpartum.

Okay, a quick breakdown on Ningxia Red that I mentioned a few times – We drink Ningxia for:

  • Immunity Support
  • Energy
  • Supports Brain Health
  • Supports Join Health
  • Supports Hormone Health
  • Curb Sugar Cravings
  • Antioxidants
  • And placentas tend of mamas who drink Ningxia during pregnancy tend to be more robust.

    Ningxia Red is a powerful antioxidant supplement drink made from wolfberry puree (google benefits of wolfberries).
    Antioxidants are substances/nutrients in our food that combat or slow the oxidative damage to our body. When our body cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radicals (by-products) which can cause damage. Antioxidants act as “free radical scavengers” – they loan an electron to stabilize these cells and help prevent & repair damage done by these free radicals.
    On top of that, one ounce of Ningxia Red antioxidant power is equal:
    **4 pounds of carrots
    **2 quarts carrot juice
    **8 oranges
    **1 pint orange juice
    **2 lbs beets
    **3 cups beet juice
    **3 cups raspberries
    **2 cups blueberries
  • For an extra boost add 1tsp homemade elderberry syrup to each serving.
  • Throw some pouches in the freezer for popsicles!
  • Make our Ningxia Unicorn drink: pour 2oz over ice, add a drop of Lime + 1/2 tsp Sulfurzyme and top with sparkling water or kombucha.

No matter if you’re planning to deliver at a birth center, the hospital or at home, these are such wonderful support tools to lean into. I hope these list + roundup of faves was helpful! Let me know in the comments if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for!

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