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I'm McKenzie, a homemaking and ex-homeschooling mom of 3, who re-arranges the furniture on a whim, keeps a stash of dark chocolate in the back of the spice cabinet, savors that first sip of coffee & lives for garden-manicure season.


+ I've built multiple online businesses and a six-figure online income over the past 8 years and love to turn around an help women do faster & easier (I'll share my cheat sheet with you!).

+ I'm a firm believer in side gigs to create time freedom + using simple systems to save you even more time in your business.

+ I treat voice messages like mini podcasts and love to coach & mentor women and get creative with my team. 

+ I'll help you pull those big dreams forward,off the back burner where you once pushed them, tomorrow starts today.

+ I like to feel like a 90's kid that i am, leave phone behind, get outside, and better yet, off the grid.

+ I'm a scrunchy mom who priortizies organic groceries, limits screen time and wants more wooden toys but  has a living room littered with plastic toys and enjoys a glass of wine on the the weekends.



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quiz me

1. if you could have one drink the rest of your life it would be:

an iced vanilla latte !

4. I dream about:

building a homestead, but also selling everything and living the travel + rv life

2. My battery gets recharged by:

a) The sun
b) hiking  deep in the woods
c) sitting by the ocean
d) all of the above


5. underrated daily practice:

a) getting ready + dressed
b) Cleaning the kitchen before bedtime
c) making the bed
d) watching the sun set


3. what do you love to do in your free time?

a) gardening 
b) Pour through cookbooks
c) bake
d) all of the above


6. if you come into my house, you'll find:

a) My desk is full of beverages
b) my closet is made of piles
c) tiny Fingerprints on the windows
d) all of the above



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my story..

I'm a born & raised Oregonian, who just moved half way across the country TWICE in less than 2 years - currently in Idaho after living in Texas for a year and a half! This spring, we moved back to the northwest, just outside Boise, ID - where it feels much more like home for us. We've shared our life online in various ways for just almost 8 years now. If you're new here, you'll find a variety of recipes & natural living tips & tricks, a little bit of gardening, but you'll also find our story woven throughout..

A journey of food sensitivities, navigating diet changes, two miscarriages, moving halfway across the country, shifting to homeschooling our girls alongside what we've learned about product safety, toxins that disrupt our body and ways we've become more intentional in cultivating a happy and healthy life for our family..

Cooking in the kitchen, soaking up that good morning light and getting my hands dirty in the garden, babywearing & listening to our girls' giggles are a few of my favorite things. I equally love trekking a new trail, going on roadtrips and the satisfaction found in a homemade loaf of gluten-free sourdough fresh out of the oven. 

I'M HERE TO help you thrive in motherhood. we want to live our best life, feel intentional, confident, creative and have fun along the way!

my story..