My favorite mother-daughter owned skin care line that’s squeaky clean, vegan and seaweed & essential oil infused - both face and body. Think nourished, hydrated, glowy, smooth skin. Prepare to be obsessed!

squeaky clean skincare


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10% off code: HAPPYMAMA10

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Spa Inspired
+ Clinically Proven

I'm a skin care skeptic with sensitive skin. Ingredients matter, especially when most lines out there, including prescription or dermatologist recommended ones have garbage ingredients that you can find yourself wasting money on. Beauty isn't only skin deep, what we put on our skin absorbs into - which not only impacts how our skin looks, but how we feel, it impacts our health as a whole. I love that these ingredients are clean, offering peace of mind. And the results are like nothing else I have tried. Moisturizer that lasts for days and soft, silky smooth skin that's hydrated, glowy and more supple. You have to try it for yourself.


My Personal Favorites

+ Undaria Algae Body Oil
Antioxidant rich dry oil that absorbs and leaves skin soo soft!

+ Hyaluronic Sea Serum
Moisture magnet, amazing for smoothing lines & wrinkles 

+ Undaria Collagen Lotion
Smoothing, firming & moisturizing, amazing on thighs, backs of the arm and tummy! Nourishing after-sun lotion.

+ Ocean Cleanser
Super gentle & perf for sensitive skin

+ Seabiotic Water Cream
Everyday moisturizer that lasts! My skin still feels moisturized the next day!

+ Anti-Aging body balm
My favorite for neckline and chest, also magic on hands and feet since those show signs of aging the earliest.

+ Undaria Algae Body Butter
For deep hydration, if skin looks crepey or to care for dry calloused skin. A fall & winter must-have.

+ Salts of the Earth Body Scrub
Keep in your shower! Exfoliate and smooth, smells so good and leaves your skin SO soft!