enjoy bread again..

For years I though crusty, warm & delicious bread, smeared with raw honey butter was out of the question. I developed a sensitivity to gluten when I was 16 and although gluten-free options at the store have come a lonnnng way over the years, it's hard to find gooood bread.

When everyone started making sourdough in the past couple years, it was something I really wanted to jump on. I thought the idea of making bread from scratch, keeping a starter to pass down to my kid's kids.. and being able to learn a new skill would be soo amazing.

Fast forward, I decided to ask around and discovered Rachel's blog she had been making gluten free sourdough! A little more searching around and I learned how to get a brown rice starter going and we've been making bread ever since! And you can too! If you're needing a gluten free sourdough starter, I got you! I can send you a dehydrated starter, from ours we use - all organic, brown rice flour based. All you need to do is add a little water + brown rice flour to bring it back to life! 

you'll receive 10 grams of dehydrated gluten free starter (enough to make
two starters

+ link to digital step by step guide to make it bubbly & active. You can make bread in about 10 days!

enjoy bread again..

Organic Brown Rice Gluten Free Sourdough Starter

Find our favorite supplies like scales, jars & pans here

Stay tuned for our recipe coming soon! If you need recs to get started with, let me know! 

10g dehydrated gluten free starter
includes digital step by step guide
you'll need:
digital scale
brown rice flour


*due to the nature of this product there are no refunds/returns

what is a starter?

The short and science-y answer is that a sourdough starter is an active colony of wild yeast + good bacteria cultivated by combining flour and water and allowing it to ferment. This allows you to have a reliable “natural yeast” culture that can be used to leaven (help your bread rise) dough of all kinds.

When you feed your starter a mixture of flour + water, your wild yeasts & microbes get stronger and release gas - giving your breads air & lift, while also boosting the flavor and nutrients in your bread. This is form of natural fermentation - which allows the lactic acid in the sourdough to “unlock” the nutrients within the flour. This creates a more flavorful, digestible bread with more readily available nutrients.

When you first make your starter, you will stir together brown rice flour with water, and let it sit - all the measurements & instructions are in the digital guide that comes with your gluten-free starter!  Feeding your starter takes no more than 3 minutes.

There are no limits to the number of loaves or types of breads & pastries you can make. Sourdough starters can be kept & passed along to friends and family and even passed down generations. The longer you keep your starter active & happy, the more mature it will become and the better the flavor!

what is a starter?

This is a great resource for questions & general FAQ - keep in mind some info apply to gluten/wheat based starters, but its still great info for keeping your starter.

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