I'm here to share everything I know so you feel empowered using oils in your own home! For us, they have changed everything - from how we tackle runny noses and ear issues to hormones, stress, skin care.
We can shift to a low tox & more natural home by doing better with each purchase..

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Are you curious about essential oils, but not sure where to start? Have you wanted a way to natural support you & your families needs in a natural way? Or maybe reduce toxins in the home by switching out store-bought cleaners, candles & plug ins?

I used to have a hall closet with candles & waxes, a backstock of Clorox wipes, bleach & heavy-duty cleaners in my kitchen within a locked cabinet.  But then I learned that these products and the toxins in them disrupt our endocrine & reproductive hormones, tax our adrenals, contribute to migraines, and many of the chemicals are carcinogens.

I thought there has to be better options - and there is.  We can do better with each purchase.

We can take baby steps to swap out one product at a time for a better, safer one! Those small changes add up quickly for a big impact. Below you'll find recipes, tips & my top picks for getting started.

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The most sought-after bundle with the prettiest diffuser - it's a vibe in itself and powerful enough to fill your living room & kitchen. This makes ditching candles + air fresheners so easy & comes with 12 full size bottles of our favorite everyday oils that you're going to love! - and it's over 50% off!


Collagen + Supplements

I'm a firm believer that our nutrients should come from food - but food isn't as nourishing as it used to be. From collagen with clinically proven results in 3 weeks to vitamins & minerals formulated for the highest bioavailability & absorption rates. Our family has been closing the nutrient gap with these for 4 years now..


Oils for Littles

Tools in your mama toolbox. We reach for these first when it comes to coughs, runny noses, gassy tummies, scraped knees, tantrums and bedtime worries - and everything in between.  sleep. The KidScents & Seedling's line are made just for littles; prediluted & ready to go for whatever you need.


Thieves Home

The Thieves line of home products make is soo easy to reduce the toxic load in our homes while incorporating safe, clean & plant based and effective cleansers. Easily swap the hand + dish soap at your sinks and refresh the laundry room. Small baby steps add up quickly for big impact.



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All my top recommendations beyond the starter kits.
Choose a category & browse the list, choose which ones you want to add to your cart & checkout. From hormones to kids to supplements, there's something for you.

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unmatched standards & purity  |  the only brand we trust

Seed to Seal

Young Living is unlike than any other essential oil you can buy from because of their Seed to Seal standards. They are the only company with 30 years experience and the only one to pull back the curtain - you can actually visit and walk on any farm they own (no other company owns farms) and see the process for yourself (the pictures below I took myself at the farm in Utah!). From the way they distill to their beyond organic farming methods - how the soil is prepared for years before seed is ever planted to how they weed by hand and focus on sustainability. They run each batch of oil through extensive in-house & third party lab tests before it's ever bottled - the purity & making sure the vital and delicate constiuents are intact is why their oils are able to be used the way we do - topically on skin, with kids and pets, and how they can be taken as dietary supplements. 

visiting the lavender farm!

 our best yes!

From natural skin care & beauty to baby wipes and sunscreen - safe options for the whole family you won't have to think twice about. You are worth it, your family is worth it.


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