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We love going to splash pads and visiting the pool in the summer months, but not the chlorine. We also recently learned that “pool smell” is actually chloramine – which is a byproduct formed when chlorine mixes with ammonia. Yikes! So we decided to hit the books and make a roller to support our bodies after the pool in processing out the chlorine we’ve been exposed to.

Did you know that chemicals in common body care products – from sunscreen, bug repellents, body lotion or makeup also react with chlorine to produce byproducts that are harmful- many carcinogenic? There’s also a study on the impact chlorine & these byproducts on respiratory health in kids & teens. And we know chlorine is detrimental to the body and can be stored in fat cells in the body.

We’ve taken steps in our home to limit the chlorine from our water – filtering our drinking & cooking water and adding filters to our shower & bath faucets.

But there’s fun in the sun to be had! – so we’re taking steps to support & help our body combat the effects as much as possible.

+ Staying hydrated
+ Limited PUFAs (seed oils) in our diet
+ Increasing whole food Vitamin C
+ Showering before & after pool time
+ Using an After Pool roller after splash pads & pool time.

5-10 drops each:
2 droppers-full Vit C Serum
Top with carrier oil

We roll this one on the bottoms of our feet, where oils absorb quickly and along the spine, where toxins can accumulate and build up.

Purification is a purifying blend that contains Rosemary, Lemongrass & Tea Tree – research these yourself! Same with Geranium & Lemon! We’re also adding a drop of Lemon Vitality to our water with a scoop of magnesium to help our body process everything.

Easy to throw in your pool bag or tuck in your pocket to use at the park.

Also, know that not all oils are created equal – oils from amazon or at the store are sold under the umbrella of “cosmetics & fragrance” and you’ll find solvents, fragrance oils, heavy dilution – the FDA only requires 5% plant oil to be labeled “100% pure” – basically good marketing tricking you into oils that won’t do anything for you. I share more on why our family chose Young Living here.

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Go enjoy the pool & splash parks – then support your body with clean water with lemon & your after pool roller!

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