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5 Reasons to do the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse

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Today is day five of the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse and I thought this would be the best time to give you guys a recap.  My initial reason behind doing this was for a digestive reset.  I’ve battled a lot of ongoing tummy issues due to sensitivities with gluten, eggs and possibly dairy and I’ve been less than strict with my diet – I felt like I needed a change and to take care of myself at the same time.

My friend Kelly and I planned this out to do it together about a month ago. So I had time to mentally wrap my head around what I was getting into. Day 1 was a rough one, I’m not going to lie.. day 2 was way better and days 3, 4 & 5 have been awesome!

So here’s my five reasons to give it a try!

1. Digestive reset.
Think of this as an overhaul or to reboot to our system. This cleanse allows a temporary reduction of food and gives your body time to release stored toxins and waste which in effect helps to “reset” your digestive system for optimal function. I prefer this to typical cleanses because you still have all the essential nutrients needed.

2. Sleep!
Every. single. time, that I really clean up my diet, I sleep SO much better. It was night two that I noticed a significant improvement in my sleep. Better sleep means waking up refreshed, not groggy and more energy during the day!

3. Energy.
I have two kids to run after – I mean literally run after.. they play their own version of nascar up and down the hallway all day and I like to jump in and issue tickles every so often. So energy is a big one.

The other perk of this that ties in with energy is mental clarity.  I’ve seen those cleanses that are pretty much lemon juice & cayenne. Nope.. I get to hour 6 and can’t think straight. The first day I did have bit of laughable brain-fog, but that didn’t last long. There aren’t any sugar-related spikes & crashes that cause a loss of concentration – maintaining a consistent pattern of a nutrient-dense shakes with fruits and veggies that promote a healthy digestive & metabolic response also help your mind stay sharp. Plus, Ningxia Red is like putting on glasses you didn’t know you needed – we drink 2oz every day for whole-body support, so 10-12oz a day is pretty awesome for feeling your best!

4. Healthy Skin.

When you remove the processed food, extra sugars, limit dairy, gluten etc and add in antioxidants which help with cellular repair- you’ll notice a big improvement in your skin. Your gut is such an indication of what is happening in your body and when you’re dealing with inflammation in your digestive tract, you’ll see it on your face too. This one may possibly take longer than a week for some individuals, but some may notice improvement faster. This cleanse is a great spring-board for overall healthy choices to continue after the 5 days.

5. I’m happy.
It was hard to decide where to place this reason. It’s probably more important than being ranked 5th, but ending on a super positive thing is always fun. I know there’s more to this than I probably realize – but making good choices with food, feeling like I’m in control without being deprived and feeling better as a result of normalizing my digestive system, hormones (and really my entire body), with nutrient-dense options play a huge role in my mood.

Energy= happy
Sleep= way happy
Less cravings = happy
Less digestive upset = happy
I’m less stressed = happy

The basis behind the program is to have a nourishing meal replacement shake in place of a typical plated meal + 2-4oz of antioxidant-rich Ningxia Red + 1 capsule of Digest & Cleanse THREE times per day. On top of this, add in THREE snacks between your meals (you can choose from a list of options). The snacks are mostly servings of fruits & veggies and maybe some almond butter. 🙂 I also added in Vitality oils to my shakes & Ningxia Red for variety in flavor and additional whole-body support.

I documented quite a bit of the cleanse in my Instagram stories and received quite a few questions from moms asking about doing this while pregnant and/or nursing. In my best opinion, I would say to first consult a doctor, and two, to keep in mind that this cleanse “per the book” does reduce your calories quite a bit for 5 days which wouldn’t make it ideal for growing a little person or maintaining a milk supply. But you could modify things a bit and maybe have a Balance Complete shake for breakfast + 2-4oz Ningxia Red and a capsule of Digest & Cleanse 1x per day (overactive bowels late in pregnancy can prompt contractions).  This would increase your nutrients, which is so beneficial during such a crucial time of development & growth and you could still keep you calories up while supporting your digestive system and overall wellness.

Click here to download the booklet & guidelines.

If you’re a member, you can add the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse to your next Essential Rewards order. It comes with 2 bottles of Ningxia Red, 1 tub of Balance Complete + a bottle of Digest & Cleanse capsules.

You can shop everything you need for the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse and take advantage of wholesale pricing here.  Or learn more about all YL offers & what our favorites are here.

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