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Thieves Cleaner Soft Scrub

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We use Thieves Household Cleaner for literally everything. Countertops, windows, toys, stain remover, bathrooms, floors, ALL THE THINGS! It has replaced every cleaner in my house, because it’s such a powerful cleaner yet totally safe for kids, because it’s made with REAL ingredients. And I need real ingredients because my kid literally has puts her mouth on every toy in the house (and every mirror and window :))

And the best part is it’s SO CHEAP!  With just a capful used for a 16 ounce bottle it only cost 50 cents a bottle! That’s forty 16 ounce bottles you can make with one concentrated bottle of this baby- and that’s just for the multi-purpose spray- it can do so many things! Gently clean toys, add a capful to your steam cleaner for carpets.. it even takes crayon off the TV screen.  Clean everything.

This cleaner is a no brainer. Gentle. Effective. Safe.

One of my favorite recipes is a soft scrub made from stuff in my kitchen.

1/2 cup Baking Soda + 1 capful of Thieves Cleaner + 5 drops lemon.

Mix until a paste forms.

Using a soft cloth apply where needed in the kitchen, bathroom, on hard-to-clean pots and pans.. rinse and wipe with dry cloth.

Grab a bottle of Thieves Cleaner here. Clean without the chemicals, residues or toxic fumes.

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